GHOUL Kontakt Home Screen
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Spooky otherworldly textures featuring growls, whispers, violin flutters, scrapes and taps, as well as an assorted selection of other atonal sounds.

GHOUL is based on a deceptively simple two-layer engine, allowing for the fast creation new previously unheard gothic pads and textures with a few mouse clicks.

Phonetic product
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A highly versatile, multi-layer vocal instrument based on performances of individual phonemes and simple combinations (ah, na, vv etc).

Easily creates mesmerising evolving soundscapes, pulses and key sounds, all while being true to the DNA of the carefully crafted vocal performances.

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A unique new concept - a “transient splicing engine”, i.e. it is designed to give detailed control over a range of parameters needed to mix and match a number of different initial transients to another set of tails/longer sounds.

This is our biggest and most ambitious project to date. A must have instrument for serious producers and composers.

Putty Piano
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A unique twist on a timeless classic: an experimental prepared piano sample library where we dampened the strings with poster putty. The effect is a muted sustain, with a sharp attack and a soft resonance.

Use this like a piano or get creative and treat it as a sound design stepping stone.

Baritone Guitar Washes
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A uniquely versatile sound design engine capable of beautiful ambient swells, pads and pluck & stab sounds.

Based on recordings with an aluminium neck baritone electric guitar custom-made for legendary Italian ambient composer Eraldo Bernocchi (Sigillum S, Obake, Simm, Harold Budd, Bill Laswell).

Digital Analog Clouds
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Edgy morphing pads created with a hybrid analog/digital pathway involving modular effects and a mix of organic and synthetic sources.

Created in collaboration with composer and sound designer Simone Vallecorsa, also known under his electronic music alias Aeph

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