Ritual Gong Drum


Epic bronze gong drum library sampled in pristine clarity. A highly versatile virtual instrument that ranges from intimate taps to ringing mallet booms.


Audio Demos

  1. RITUAL GONG DRUM - Bouncing Bronze Riot Audio 1:23
  2. RITUAL GONG DRUM - Portent of Doom Riot Audio 1:46
  3. RITUAL GONG DRUM - Portent of Doom (Percussion only) Riot Audio 1:46


This is a pristinely recorded, deeply sampled library of a ceremonial bronze gong drum from Thailand.

This particular drum was in the ground for most of its lifetime as a ceremonial drum, only to be disenterred for ancestral and other rituals in the local village. It was brought back to the UK by renowned Thailand expert and anthropologist Andrew Turton, during his studies there in the 1970s. It has since been in his private collection of artefacts and musical instruments from the region.

The drum was recorded dry at Riot Audio with a stereo mic array for maximum flexibility.

The library is highly playable, with left hand and right hand separately mapped for easy playing and programming of rolls and crescendi. The custom UI interface allows for control of Sustain, Tape Saturation and subtle Low End control as well as Reverb amount and size.

Kontakt Instrument

Gong Drum Kontakt View

We’re proud of presenting another one of our simple and clean Kontakt interfaces. We’ve selected a few key parameters to help you tailor the sound of the Ceremonial Gong Drum for your compositions:

  • Sustain: this controls the balance between early attack and the sustain. Dial in more and you’re going towards the sound of a gong. Dial in less and it sounds more like a slapped iron drum
  • Saturation: this controls the amount of tape saturation applied – from very subtle to ear-bleeding destruction!
  • Reverb: amount of reverb send (Bricasti Digital Reverb Model)
  • Reverb Size: controls the length of the reverb trail
  • Low Boost: gentle, very musical boost of low frequencies for added oomph. Or dial it down completely if you’re after a ringing, distant sound.



Large solid bronze gong drum from Thailand
Decorated with symbolic animals (frogs, elephants)


  • Wool mallet short
  • Wool mallet long
  • Hand Rim
  • Hand Soft
  • Mallet Rim Soft
  • Mallet Rim Hard
  • Dampened

Library Specifications

  • 24bit 48khz sampling
  • Bricasti Digital Reverb Modelling
  • Requires Kontakt 5.8 (full version)